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a feminist and peace-oriented tech and AI 


supports survivors of gender-based violence access support across 196 countries


fosters active bystander intervention 

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Saahas ("courage" in Hindi) is a web-based and mobile app, and chatbot (Facebook / Telegram) that helps survivors access support and informational resources. It comprises a directory of support across 196 countries, a database of guidance notes on understanding gender-based violence and ways to respond to them, and information on legal and medical services one may avail following an incident of violence. 

using saahas

use the menu on the side to navigate saahas based on your unique needs. saahas is also available as a mobile app, and as 

facebook and telegram chatbots

as an app

to use saahas 

on android phones, head here 

as a chatbot

to use saahas as

a chatbot, head to 

telegram chatbot, and follow @SaahasBot.

Navigate Saahas

find help

if you are a survivor looking for help around you, head to this section to identify resources appropriate to your need

medical information

if you are looking for information on getting medical help and forensic medical evidence, head to this section

legal information

if you are looking for information on your legal rights, head to this section to gather all the information you need


if you are looking to learn about gender-based violence and the relevant terminology, as well as about myths and realities, head to this section.



bystanders trained

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workplaces supported


listeners trained