The Mithra Trust provides mental health information, and tools, in a way that a trusted friend would. It promotes understanding, empathy, and connectedness by providing safe spaces both online and offline for people to express themselves, introspect, and feel a sense of belonging.


TrustIn creates safer workplaces with cutting edge technology for effective prevention of sexual harassment reporting and redressal. Starting with the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) legislation, their platform encompasses all labor, civil, and service laws to transform the larger safety landscape through fair and effective redressal of workplace misconduct.

The Global Shapers Community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, is a network of young people driving dialogue, action, and change globally through their local hub projects and initiatives. The community encompasses 10,000 Shapers on 400 Hubs across 150+ Countries across the world. As one of the earliest Global Shapers Community Hubs in India, the New Delhi Hub, as the capital city, has garnered an interesting profile of Shapers and undertaken myriad initiatives. They partner with individual and institutional sector specialists and impact-driven local organizations. Their current thematic focus aligns with the three impact areas of our community: Climate Change, Equity and Inclusion, Education, and Entrepreneurship.

Saahas was created as a mobile app with the help and support of World Pulse. Kirthi was selected as part of the first cohort of the Impact Leader Program, and received an award and mentorship support with which she built the mobile app. World Pulse was founded by Jensine Larsen. Based out of Portland, Oregon, World Pulse is a growing social network connecting over 53,000 people from 190 countries who are impacting more than 3.1 million lives and creating a world where all women thrive.

Hareepriya is a lawyer and an artist based in Chennai. She started embar's store during the COVID-19 lockdown and is all about art and illustrations built on Indian colours and aesthetics. Her art reflects the societal stereotypes and feminist interpretation of the existing norms. She is drawn towards simple and ethnic patterns and base her designs on it. Hareepriya designed the landing image on the homepage of the Saahas website. To know more about her work , check out "@embars_store" on Instagram.”

Saahas is also grateful to supporter organizations Ananke, Cafe Counsel, One Future Collective, Protsahan, Safecity, Sayfty, Sumunum,  Thea Healthcare, The Martha Farrell Foundation, The White Swan Foundation, and Women's Commission Matters, for relying on, amplifying, sharing, and expanding its impact by sharing its work, tools, and key resources.