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Building your First Aid Kit

A first-aid kit is a quick and handy tool to carry with you, both for yourself and for anyone else in need. They help you deal with emergency medical needs until you can get to a hospital or a professional medical caregiver. Remember, a first aid kit and its uses are not a substitute for medical help.

You may buy pre-constructed first aid kits from medical stores or even online. You can also assemble a kit with the following basic essentials. The quantity depends on the size of the kit you want to carry and the budget you have in mind for the kit.

- Adhesive bandages

- Non-Adhesive bandages

- Crepe bandage

- Regular strength pain medication

- Gauze

- Low grade disinfectant

- Pocket mask / face shield

- Antiseptic wipes

- Band-aids

- Cotton balls / Cotton rolls / Cotton swabs

- Plaster

- Iodine

- Hydrogen Peroxide

- Oral Rehydration Solution

- Eye wash

- Hand sanitizer

- A clean towel

- Tissues

- Sterile eye pads, gauze pads and non-adherent pads

- Scissors

- Tweezers

- Thermometer

- Safety Pins

- Antiseptic / Disinfectant spray / cream or wipes

- Burn gel

- Anti-fungal cream

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