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Dear Survivor: There is No Stopping You

Dear Survivor,

Words can elevate or deflate one.

Words can give one, wings or puncture one’s dreams!

Yet, words are all I have, to make your scarred heart mine

So do indulge me and repeat after me,

You are a woman, one in a million!

A million ones like you, abound all around.

I know, it hardly feels so right now. But…

Do stand in front of that corner mirror Taking a long look at yourself True, thin lines creep around the grim mouth Crow’s feet sneak near those tired eyes Grey strands play peek-a-boo The alabaster skin now dry and stretched

Don’t fret over a youth long gone

or feel your famed exuberance is all but a distant memory

that you are a pale shadow of an arresting presence

A past-tense with a flattened vanity

Because dear one, sluttish time is a cold-hearted thief sparing none

But then that haughty mirror doesn’t reflect The days when you chose to smile in spite of insurmountable odds The resolute eyes that refused to shed tears,

When thy valiant spirit didn’t cave in All those moments, when debilitating angst was absorbed deep within

All those trying times that chiselled your being Making you what you are! A Hero!

Now, stand in front of the mirror

Take a long look at the reflection

And nod a ‘You did good’

Pat yourself, walk out ten feet tall

Because you met YOU

There is no stopping you

Yes, you have been at loggerheads with the established leitmotifs, breaking the set moulds

You are the intrepid one, trying to make it in an increasingly polarized and opinionated world.

Even when your dreams, took a back seat, even as your familiar world went topsy-turvy, even if you felt unloved, you refused to be broken or silenced!

That is raw courage.

When you ached under the weight of structural violence, the rampant injustice, affront, and monstrosity or choked with the unbearable stench of human disgrace, violation, and abuse, remember that most of us were not given much chance and written off much before we exhaled.

Yet here we are, still standing with all our glaring imperfections and gathering glowing accomplishments.

Hence, Enough of Apologizing because you are too bright

Apologizing because you go out at night

Apologizing because you show your cleavage

Apologizing because you use your charms to leverage

Apologizing because you fast

Apologizing because you say I mustn't

Apologizing because if you can think

Apologizing because if you have raised a stink

Where you go from here, is up to the aspirations that propel you, the goals driving you!

Agreed, there are good days and there are bad days when that piercing pain of self-doubt hits you.

Chug along with an unbroken belief that your happy future is very real and around the corner, acknowledging you are doing your best. You aren’t alone ever!


The woods may be lovely, dark, and deep,

But you have promises to keep,

And miles to go before you sleep,

And miles to go before you sleep.


Anupama Jain

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