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Equip Yourself to Intervene Actively

To be an effective bystander when you intervene, it is important that you are equipped to handle, address and respond to a situation of violence when it happens before you, or, to support a survivor after an incident of violence has happened. To be prepared, here are some key pointers that you can ensure you fulfill: 1) Carry a cell phone that has enough charge in the battery and money to make calls (if it is a prepaid connection) 2) Identify emergency phones in the area you are going to be at. This could be payphones, PCOs or even businesses that you can access phones from. 3) Identify exit routes, directions and location-specific information wherever you are going. 4) Keep loose change accessible 5) Keep money as cash and your cards on your person in a way that it is accessible for use 6) Identify the nearest police stations, and your own circle of trust that you can call on to help intervene. 7) Carry a noisemaker – either a whistle, a horn or even an app that can help generate a loud noise. If it fails, use your voice. 8) Carry a flashlight, both on your phone and as a separate device with operable and functional batteries. 9) Carry basic first aid in your bag. Make sure to always have spare cloth on your person.

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