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Poem to a Younger Sister

My dear sister,

You have found your way through experiences

That have happened in your life that should never have happened.

It is so important for you to know these things:

You are beautiful

You are deserving of all things possible

For your life, for your hopes and dreams For freedom from judgement

For the truth of this world

For the freedom to live your life fully.

I want you to know and believe deep in your heart

That whatever was done to you should never have happened

That no part of it is your fault

That for many years women have been working to stop this

All of this violence against women and girls

That it has been forced on us but we are working together to change it

So that every woman and girl is free

Free of self blame

Free to live your life as you want

Free to speak out

Free to soar

Free to love and laugh

To feel carefree

To be able to reach deep into your own beautiful thoughts

Shedding any pain, grief, self doubt,

Cleansed with your own tears

And rise, my young sister, rise

To find your purpose,

To trust your original dreams for this life of yours

And know that you are not alone

There is no reason, no excuse for what you have had to survive

But there is reason that you have survived

To live your life

To know you have your sisters

To be surrounded by those who truly love you

You are the future

We are here to love you

Celebrating sister to sister

That you have survived

Let go of the pain, young sister

To dance into your own power

Into this life of yours


That none of whatever has happened should have happened

That you are precious,

That you are beautiful,

That your life is to be filled with respect, and love

That you are part of the sisterhood

And we will always be with you

by Tamarack Verrall

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