• Saahas

To you with love

Dear Survivor,

I hope this note of mine finds you at a happier place. You have survived and emerged. I hope you found the strength, resources and people to get you through and help you move on. This note is a small effort to cheer you on. Know that in me you have a dedicated well-wisher praying for all that you need to heal. There is a whole load of positive vibes and good luck I am sending your way.

I hope that you are getting the support you need. Amid the various demands our world puts on you, I hope you find time for yourself: self-care and serenity to heal.

I hope you find solace and strength in the things you love to do. I have always found great joy in books, TV series and movies, nature as well as pretty artwork. Escape from reality and beauty and the divine in nature and immortalized in the works of artist lighten and brighten the soul. Food and friends are also powerful forces for healing that I hope you have access to.

When all else fails a good spring clean sure helps lighten the load.

I hope your healing journey is going well.

Praying that you find peace, prosperity and purpose:

Best wishes always,


PS: Some stylized photos I took in Sri Lanka are attached - a small bit of creativity to lighten and brighten your day.

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