building safety plans

We recognize that it should never be up to anyone to have to go out of their way to ensure that their own and the external spaces they access are safe for them. However, we also acknowledge that engaging with public life feels safer for several people if they know that they have a means to stay safe when they engage with or use that space.


Bearing this in mind, this page has simple instructional safety plans that one may deploy if doing so feels like a way to stay safe while navigating a public place. 

keeping safe everyday

use these simple guidelines to frame a safety plan to navigate your every day 

Carry your cell phone and important telephone numbers with you at all times.

Learn self-defense moves / steps if you feel comfortable using them when/if you need to.

Stay connected with a trusted circle and share your whereabouts wiith them.

Carry a noisemaker or rely on your voice to scream for help/attention.

Document incidents and evidence to report or disclose them as you deem fit. 

Report incidents to the police if you feel comfortable pressing charges.

a safe social life

use these simple guidelines to frame a safety plan to navigate your engagements in public places

If you feel uncomfortable / unsafe about being among a particular group, don't hesitate to leave.

If you feel like you're being followed, change routes to shake off your tail. 

Identify safe contacts and emergency support for when you most need to rely on them.

Share your live location with a trusted circle if you feel it can help keep you safe.

Ask your trusted circle to keep their phones with them in case you need to get in touch.

Identify safe ways to get out of a place before you get there, well in advance.

staying safe online

use these simple guidelines to frame a safety plan to navigate engaging online

Use secure passwords and two-factor authentication to keep access safe and secure

build a group of trustworthy friends online who can support you in dealing with incidents.

Acquaint yourself with the reporting mechanisms available on the platforms you use.

Before sharing your data on any platform, take a look at privacy and data use policies.

Make use of blocking and reporting facilities to take action against abusive users 

Save and keep track of abusive or inappropriate messages to report or take legal action.