The Aramide Initiative is a project in the memory of Aramide Oikelome, a fierce advocate for women, a leader, a journalist, a singer, and an activist. Aramide founded and ran the BestSpring Foundation and Goshen Orphanage. She committed herself to supporting the most vulnerable children, teens, and women by paving the way for them to acquire skills and supported their well-being and education. Sadly, in June 2020, Aramide passed away. 

This initiative has been founded with the aim of carrying her legacy alive. This will carry links to free courses and to short videos on training for skills acquisition, put together by World Pulse Ambassadors, to help survivors skill up, acquire and learn of new tools, and gain knowledge on things that can support them in finding a job when they reclaim their lives after facing violence.

List of Online Course Websites:
Coursera (Link) [Courses are free to audit, Certificates are priced]
Google Digital Unlocked (Link) [Free courses]
Edx (Link
HarvardX (Link) (Link)
Udacity (Link)
Khan Academy (Link)
Stanford Online (Link)
Open Culture Online (Link)
Academic Earth (Link)
MIT Open Course Ware (Link)

List of Educational Video Channels: 
Crash Course (Link)
CGP Grey (Link)
Easy Languages (Link)